Sunday, September 21, 2008


Blogging is very new to me. To tell the truth, it smacks of the kind of self-centeredness that I despise. But since so many things have been changing with the surgery and with our trip, it allows me to keep everyone updated without sending out a ton of e-mails. Everything is changing so quickly! Blogging will allow me to keep track of thoughts and ideas, and ask you all for advice. It will allow me to post photos of our travels (and tribulations)!

And speaking of photos, here's one of our dedicated dachshund Lucy, who is coming to Israel with us.

I was thinking the other day about walking the dog in Tel Aviv. I wonder what the streets will be like and if we will make new doggie friends just like we have here in Portland. The first question everyone asks is, 'what kind of dog is that'. I guess I will have to learn how to say תחש in Hebrew.

Will there be morning newspapers in Israel and will there be tea? Now that I think about it, I should not be looking for touches of home while I am away. The whole point of living in another country, which we have have wanted to do for years, is living in another country. But tea is light; I'll put a few boxes in my bag.

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