Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home after surgery

I am home now, I am feeling okay, on pain medication and recouperating. Jeff's working from home and helping me. Like I said, I am on drugs, so please forgive the ramblings and mis-spellings.

Surgery did not go well, it was not routine. Dr. Collins called it "challenging". When they went in, they just could not see anything. There is a fatty apron (the omentum) that holds all of your organs in place. Mine had fused to my organs. Apparently, some time ago, some kind of trauma happened in my abdomen: I had a burst cyst, a burst appendix or a serious infection or something. So they had to go in and painstakingly lift the omentum by cutting away all of the scar tissue adhesions that had attatched it to my organs. After they were able to lift it up it was routine, and they were able to get all of the tumor and my utereus. They were able to leave my ovaries and tubes and cervix. Though the ovaries had a lot of adhesions on them so I may have to take some hormones to counter-act the shock they have been through.

What should have taken two hours took 5.

But they said that it was good that I had the surgery, because over time these adhesions would have only become more tenacious. Both surgeons said that they had never seen anything like it.

I am home now and feeling okay. I am taking massive amounts of ibuprofen for swelling and percosets for pain. This morning, I am trying to cut back on the percosets so that I can hopefully resume normal 'functioning' soon. I've got stacks of good magazines and Jeff is staying home to help. He is making me tea and toast right now and working from home for the rest of the week.

So because there was so much more cutting, the recovery will take longer, like 6 weeks. But they still do not think that it will interfere with our trip. I am all about the power of the positive right now.

*The big upside of the surgery was that I did not have the adverse reaction to the anesthesia that I did with the breast surgery that I had last year. Seriously, that nausea was what I was dreading the most didn't happen. I was never quesy!


Rachel said...

So glad to hear you are doing fine and at home. It seems like even with complications, you are now on the road to recovery. I'm sure both Jeff and Lucy are glad to have you home!

Keep me posted if you need anything. I've been trying to drink for you by doubling my daily alcohol content this week.



asicellenl said...

Glad to hear that the surgery is over, and you're well taken care of. If you need food or anything, please let us know. We've been thinking good thoughts ,and hope to see you soon.

Ed and Ellen