Monday, October 13, 2008

Visa Comes through!

Jeff's work visa finally got approved over the weekend! Yes, over the weekend. Did you know that the official work-week there is Sunday though Thursday? TGI, um, T? TGIT! But from what I have a lot of things still open on Friday in Tel Aviv for us Goyim.

Anyway, back to the visa deal: now that he has a visa, everything starts moving quickly. We booked our plane tickets this morning and we leave in exactly 7 weeks and one day. Holy cow that's quick!

Getting the visa involved a huge amount of paperwork. Jeff had to submit photocopies of all of his degrees as well as a copy of our marriage licence. Finding all of this paperwork was the hard part. Thankfully, Jeff's degree from CMU is literally two feet by three feet, so I knew where that was! In the spare bedroom alongside everything that we won't ever hang up in our house. I knew our marriage certificate was in that photo album, but finding it was another story. When we did unearth it from the rubble that is storage, we had a nice time actually looking through the old album. I believe my hair was it's natural color! And J was so handsome in his tux! I still have the dress but don't think I can fit into it any more. We couldn't remember who some of the people in the pictures were. Old friends who were important enough then to invite to our wedding, whose names we don't even know now.

Enough reminiscing, I've got to get to work. Really all I have to do is:

1.) Heal
2.) Pack

That's it. And really, what do I need to pack? Just all of the stuff that I can't live without for four months. If it were up to you, what would you put in your suitcases? What can't you live without for four months? Or what would you bring to make another country feel like home? Hmm, wonder if there is bourbon there.

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