Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Even though it is Sunday here in Tel Aviv, it's really Monday. Rather, it's the start of the work week. So this is our first day of real life here.

Our apartment has two floors. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the bottom floor. On the top floor, there is a living room/kitchen area. One of the bedrooms has been set up as an office and that is where Jeff has been working today. I don't think he quite has the idea of working from home down yet. He is continually coming up to check on me! We've had breakfast and lunch together; it's very nice.

Tel Aviv is crazy expensive. Like Tokyo expensive. Groceries are outrageous. Before I realized it, I spent $100 on just a few simple meals from the grocery around the corner. Yogurt, just one typical cup of yogurt that costs 50 cents in Portland, is over $1 here. Milk...what you pay for a gallon is the going rate for a quart. The produce is gorgeous, though. And the variety of cheeses are great too. We found a Mega market whose prices are better, but it is still going to be costly. Restaurants are on the high side, too, but they are in Portland as well. Every meal we have had has been fantastic. Whether we eat in or out, though, we will eat well.

It's now about 5pm here and J. said he is stir-crazy. I told him to work for an hour more and then we could go and do something. He *is* here to work, after all! Working from home is still working. Sheesh! He said that I was underestimating his productivity.

We have had nothing but problems from the relocation people. What everyone has told us about the company has turned out to be true. But it is a good thing that I was born with teeth too! You must let them know that you will not be pushed around. And all of this for the simplest of things (an internet connection--without which J cannot work; a working phone; a bed big enough for two Americans). But we are getting all of them fast thanks to the bark and the bite. In America, the bark and the bite make me a, I am an Israeli!

Time to go for a walk along the beautiful tree-lined streets of Rothschild.

P.S. We have set up a flickr page here:

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Kris said...

Yay! You made it just fine.
Post some pic's of your apt and the neighborhood when you get more settled.

Looking at the beer list on the menu, seems Jeff will be just fine!