Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shabbat Shalom!

Only a few posts into blogging and I have already fallen behind. I didn't think that you were supposed to start making excuses for not blogging for months!

Our dear sweet dog Lucy got very sick last week. She was vommitting and lethargic and refusing food. We waited it out a few days, but she just got worse so we had to find a vet. After using Google translator (which has been our most used tool), Jeff was able to find a one that was a few blocks from our house. We had to carry her, she couldn't walk. The vet's practive was very small, just a few rooms. She examined Lucy and gave her a couple of shots and some medicine to take home. Just $50, the cheapest thing in Tel Aviv so far! Lucy is back to eating and walking and is doing much better. The vet thinks she must have just drunk some dirty water off the street or something.

Christmas presents came from my sister this week! We are waiting to open it. Thanks, Laurie!

My sister's family is also responsible for sending us our first mail. It was a Thank you note from my neice and nedphew! How nice! Since then, we have received Christmas cards and letters, and I want to thank everyone who has sent us something. I had forgotten how nice it is to get mail. Sure, I have been sending e-mails back and forth and Facebooking and Twittering. But there is something about a hand-written note that communicates so much more than what the words say. The tiny oil spot on the note means that you were eating lunch when you wrote this for me. And to see the so very familiar hand-writing of Ellen-Marie meant that it's Christmas back home.

Hannukkah starts on Monday, and we are hoping that the big menorah on the water tower in front of our house will light up. We are going to celebrate Hannukkah here. You know, when in Rome... But I have to read more about it. I plan to make latkes at the very least. I am not sure what other foods are served, but I am going to try to make them! I bought a menorah, just in case the big one doesn't light up.

The title of this post is Shabbat Shalom, and it essentially means, "Have a nice weekend." People say it to you at stores and you say it back. A few things are closed on the Shabbat, but a lot stays open. Walking the dog this morning, we saw a man and his son. The man was wearing an Oregon Ducks t-shirt. I asked him and yes, they are from Portland. What a small world. I guess they didn't realize how quiet things get for the Shabbat. Tel Aviv is a very noisy, crowded city. But on Shabbat, it gets very quiet here. Cafes and restaurants are open, and some markets are too, but there are literally 75% fewer cars on the streets. It is a very nice respite from the week.

So Shabbat Shalom! And we'll be back with all the news from Hannukah next week!

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